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  • Residential

    We can install a new antenna, fix an antenna installation that is not working, or find out what is going wrong with your reception. Just give us a call or send an email and we will contact you immediately, as we know how important it is for you to sit back and enjoy your relaxation time with the best fault free reception.

  • Commercial

    From a small office that needs the best quality reception for all your sporting events, or your wireless internet reception fixed, to factories and warehouses that need solid surveillance systems. No job is too big or to small, we have 25 years experience with the installation of antennas and other digital services in Perth, and we know how important it is to get it right when it comes to the integrity of your business!

  • Repairs

    The Antenna Doctor receives lot of calls from people that have had someone else do the installation and set up of their antenna’s, data cables, security systems etc. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right first time, it saves you from being disappointed, wasting your time and it also saves you money! We will give you a full report on the status of your current setup and provide long term solutions to any issues identified.

  • Fault Finding

    We can find the fault, repair whatever is going wrong, with professional installation backed by the reputation within the Perth antenna and business community. All of our customers are important, we are here to do our best work and continue building our reputation in the industry as the ones who get the job done properly!

  • Electrical Services

    There may be more than meets the eye to your audio and visual reception and the issue may be found in the electrical structure of your home entertainment system or business computer network. We have a team of fully qualified and experienced electricians that will provide a full report on the safety, durability, security and structure of you electrical wiring setup. It is important to get it all working together and we can provide a full spectrum of electrical services to ensure the all round performance of you home entertainment or business networking and security systems. All work is guaranteed by our fully qualified and experienced team members to provide peace of mind for the future.

  • Real Estate

    From multi-story houses, large commercial buildings and new estates, to small apartments and houses, the Antenna Doctor has worked professionally with Real Estate companies for many years with fault finding and the installation of digital antennas and other digital services. The Antenna Doctor believes in getting the problem solved right the first time minimising the downtime for both property managers and tenants.

  • Hotels / Motels

    Hotel Motel Antenna Cable RepairsFor immediate assistance in fixing a problem with your Hotel or Motel audio visual, antenna reception, computer network and security cabling or any other related issue please call us on 0417 909 392 and we will get one of our team out to you as soon as possible. We cover the whole of Perth metropolitan area and even the wider Western Australia country regions, we know that having everything working perfectly is important to your customers and business and it is a priority for us to keep you running smoothly in all areas of your electrical and antenna systems.

  • New Systems

    Whether you are setting a new audio visual entertainment system, a business conference room or staff room or a complex communications and security system for you business it is important to get the job done right the first time. The Antenna Doctor has 25 years experience in Perth and Western Australia and a reputation for doing it right first time. We will asses and advise you on what are the best long term requirements for any of your antenna needs and also asses the surrounding electrical requirements to ensure the best long term outcome for you particular needs.

  • Schools

    Getting your school set up right with audio visual reception is critical, making sure it is sound and secure for the future is important to us and we take the time to look at all aspects of any antenna and relating electrical needs.

    We also specialise in audio visual fault finding and implement a reliable solution for your systems, so if you are in a time of need give us a call on 0417 909 392 and we will call you immediately and come and turn up on site as soon as possible.

  • Caravans

    Setting of on that long awaited holiday? We have the experience to set your caravan up with a structurally secure and reliable antenna to keep you connected to the world whilst out there touring around our beautiful country!

  • Office

    Whether it be your reception / waiting room, offices, the boardroom or staff room, we can set you up with a reliable and secure antenna that will last. We are specialists in fault finding, so if something is not working properly we can come out to you and asses the situation and provide a long term solution to any antenna or reception issues.

  • Events

    Are you setting up a stall or caravan for an event and need audio visual reception? We have experience in solving reception issues at events and can have you up and running fast. We look at all aspects of event setups and can assist in ensuring that all signals link up effectively and network throughout your event reliably.

  • Mining

    The Antenna Doctor carries out all forms of antenna reception or rewiring for communications on Mine Sites, we know how important it is to have communications running smoothly and can advise you on implementing a structurally solid and reliable service that will last. From Kalgoorlie to Port Headland and the South West areas we will install new systems or repair any older systems that need to be bullet proofed for the future.

  • Boating

    We can take care of all boating reception requirements, big or small, there are certain types of antenna's and dishes that are appropriate for marine application and we have experience in both pleasure craft and commercial boating to ensure your reception is maintained and secure. It can be the difference between life and death or just sitting back relaxing whilst you watch your favorite sport and casting a line or two - your marine antenna reception is as important to us as it is you!

  • Military & Defence

    We have experience and a Police Clearance to take care of any antenna reception issues. From fault finding to installation of complex signal feeds we can asses the project, provide a report for the best possible solutions long term. We are proud to do any work for our Australian Defense Forces and take the utmost pride in completing any job to the highest level.

  • Police

    From surveillance signals to the staff room we are also proud to work for those who protect the community and can provide a range of services to ensure your antenna reception is crystal clear consistently. Our specialty is finding faults in regards to reception issues and carrying out the work to ensure solid long term solutions.

  • Satellite Dishes

    From new installations to finding out why your reception is not clear and constant, we can take care of finding out what is going on and provide a long term solution to the issues for all satellite reception dishes.

  • Phone Lines

    Phone lines are also part of our range of experience, if you are not getting the right connection and require someone to sort out a single or complex multiple phone line fault then we can take care of the fault and get you back on track with your fixed line communications.

  • Data Lines

    As with your reception cabling it is also within our field of expertise to fault find any data line issues, it may be a single line setup or a complex office system, whatever the case we are very experienced in taking care of any fault issues fast. All Antenna Doctor staff come with a Police Clearance and are experts in finding out what is wrong with any data line issues.

  • CCTV Perth

    The Antenna Doctor can provide you with peace of mind with installing your CC TV system or to find out what is going wrong with any of your signal feeds or fixed line reception. We know how important security is for residential or commercial applications and we have the know how and experience to ensure things are set up correctly from the beginning or iron out any faults that may be occurring.

  • Safety Cameras

    Either for your residential home security or commercial entrance areas safety camera's are great for creating awareness as to who is approaching your property. It is essential that these systems are installed correctly from the beginning.We have 25 years experience in all areas of reception signals and fixed line reception, your security is important to us and we can provide effective solutions and also carry out any fault finding issues that require resolving.

  • Internet Boosters

    There's nothing worse than sitting there wasting time waiting for your screen to load! These days there are a variety of 3G and 4G Wireless signal or reception boosters on the market that significantly help create more rapid download speeds no matter where your are. It's all about getting the right solution for your particular situation and this is an area we can advise you on and install the necessary antenna or aerial to greatly increase the speed of your Wireless Internet service.

  • All Electrical Work

    Are you experiencing any electrical issues in your home as well as reception problems with your audio visual system? The Antenna Doctor has a team of professionals that have been proven and are trusted to carry out all forms of electrical maintenance and install new electrical sockets. We pride ourselves on doing the job right first time, and when it comes to your electrical network that is paramount. We can take care of re-wiring, new electrical outlets and give you a report on the stability and safety of your electrical system, there is no job to big or to small for us to handle!

  • Audio Visual Installs

    Perth Audio Visual InstallationSo you have decided to create your own home entertainment complex, it was all good until you had to figure it all out and set it up correctly! We specialise in setting up your audio visual systems and getting you the optimum signal and reception performance. Having a professional install this can save a lot of time and angst, and when it is all working perfectly we get to see that smile on your face, yes, that smile that says 'Ahh, now I can really relax and enjoy!'.